Our Values

At DDM, we pride ourselves on technical excellence and delivering top quality products and services to our customers. At DDM, the customer comes first and we aim to exceed our customers' expectations.

DDM's culture and core values are:

  • Integrity Above All. Integrity is the foundation for all we do and visible in the choices we make and the way we work with our customers.

  • Disruptive Innovation. We believe in taking our disruptive innovations grounded in solid scientific and technical fundamentals to the marketplace, where they can revolutionize additive manufacturing.

  • Focus on Outstanding Results. We know that when we deliver outstanding results for our clients and customers, all else will follow.

  • Excellence in Execution. We constantly challenge our people and optimize our processes to reach the next benchmark of success.

  • People Matter Most. When all is said and done, life and business are all about the people you help to achieve success and happiness.