Make ceramic cores and integral-cored shell molds for precision investment castings and intricate engineered ceramic components without hard tooling and at a fraction of conventional cost and lead-time using our patented LAMP Large Area Maskless Photopolymerization technology platform.


Repair turbine engine hot-section components back to parent metallurgy and manufacture prototype components in "non-weldable" hot-section nickel-base superalloys through metal powder bed-based additive manufacturing using our patented SLE Scanning Laser Epitaxy technology platform.

DDM Systems

Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) Systems, Inc. is a pioneering disruptive additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology startup. DDM delivers custom, high-precision technology platforms and proprietary material formulations, in addition to high-end research and development services for the additive manufacturing and restoration of 3D industrial parts and components. DDM starts with intricate high-definition digital models, then creates tailored defect-free 3D designs, layer-by-layer, using patented technology and advanced ceramic materials for investment casting and metal powders for additive manufacturing to produce high-value metal components without tooling. The company also provides targeted testing, prototyping, and process optimization services for select customers keen on raising their benchmarks for innovation, cost, production time, performance, and sustainability.