About DDM Systems

DDM Systems, Inc. is an Atlanta-based disruptive additive manufacturing and 3D printing startup.

DDM delivers custom, high-precision additive manufacturing platforms and proprietary material formulations, in addition to high-end research and development services for the flexible manufacture and restoration of 3D industrial parts and components. DDM starts with high-definition digital models of intricate shapes for industrial use, then achieves the internal and external configurations of desired 3D solid objects additively, layer-by-layer.

Using our patented technologies, we also provide prototyping, testing, and process optimization and evaluation services for our clients and partners ready to launch new production processes or restore high-value components, using advanced materials from high-value metals to photocurable plastics and ceramics.

DDM Systems empowers its customers and partners — whether original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), precision foundries, or tier-1 suppliers in the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, defense, energy,  jewelry, shipbuilding, and sports equipment industries — to acquire additive manufacturing capabilities for state-of-the art designs and novel configurations not otherwise possible.

Optimized DDM technology platforms enable custom proprietary designs to be achieved defect-free and efficiently, with great precision, in small or large batches, using far less energy and material, and without ever compromising on design quality, material integrity, repeatability, and performance. We guarantee you shorter lead times and dramatic reductions in your costs from component design prototyping and testing to fabrication or repair, so your new product lines can rapidly enter the marketplace.

DDM’s exclusive breakthrough platforms, design processes, and material formulations are the vanguard of the additive manufacturing revolution. DDM research and development efforts focus on commercializing flexible 3DP and additive manufacturing technology platforms for a variety of high-end industrial designs. Sustainable processes developed, whether for limited production runs or custom mass production, reduce material waste and toxicities, energy use, and carbon emissions, while enabling restorations and reuse.

Currently, DDM is pioneering the digital manufacture and restoration of hot-section turbine engine components, including single-crystal airfoils, deployed in the aerospace and industrial gas turbine industries. DDM’s digital casting, repair and additive technologies can extend end-of-life cycles and durability dramatically. Future applications include biomedical implants, light-weight automotive parts, sports equipment, dental copings and frameworks, and the mass custom digital  fabrication of designer precious metal jewelry.